The cost of weight loss surgery

In Australia weight loss surgery is not fully covered under Medicare and therefore there are some out of pocket expenses which are managed by the patient.

The good news is that weight loss surgery can be performed with Private Health Insurance and this is accessible to most Australians.

When you are considering weight loss surgery the costs that would need to be considered are as follows:

Pre-Operative Appointments

There are a number of pre-operative appointments required prior to surgery and these include:

  • GP (bulk billed with Medicare)
  • Nurse (complimentary)
  • Dietitian (fee claimable at your Health Fund or Medicare, if applicable*)
  • Psychologist (fee claimable at your Health Fund or Medicare, if applicable*)

The Surgeon’s fee

We have a number of prominent and highly experienced Surgeons. An appointment with your Surgeon is an important step prior to surgery and this consultation is claimable at Medicare.

The Anaesthetist’s fee

We are fortunate enough to have an excellent team of Anaesthetists and their fee can be discussed with them directly, once your surgery date has been organized.

Hospital fees, if uninsured

The Hospital will provide patients with a comprehensive quote, detailing the hospital stay, the theatre fees and prosthesis fee, which will be payable on admission.

Aftercare Program

The SIOS comprehensive Aftercare Program includes ongoing consultations with our Doctors and Nurse together with 4 Dietitian visits for a one year program. We believe that an inclusive Aftercare Program is a cornerstone to successful weight loss with any type of weight loss surgery.

Out of Pocket Expense

You will be provided with a detailed quote at your initial consultation with our Nurse, stating the projected out of pocket expenses and inclusions.

Please note that every patient’s situation is different depending on their health fund and level of cover and this will be discussed in detail at your initial consultation.

How can I pay for my surgery

Early Release of Superannuation

Early Release of your Super Fund can be obtainable with the appropriate application and supporting documentation. SIOS can provide you with the supporting documentation necessary to enable a successful application. Please visit for more information.

* These appointments can be claimed at Medicare with an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) in place. Please see your GP if you are eligible for this referral.

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