Zainab Zeinab

I had a great experience attending this clinic for the first time. I was welcomed with a friendly smile, the co-ordinator treated me with respect and humour, I was educated on all surgeries the pros and the cons. I am booked in to see a surgeon and the team. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.

Riccardo Biviano

I can highly rate this clinic always available even after hours. Every interaction I’ve had was great and the team are wonderful.

Angelina Joma

I was and are a continuing patient at SIOS and I have nothing but thanks and gratitude to all the staff members. I was treated with respect, and the staff were and continue to be helpful, caring and supportive. I highly recommend this clinic to all those wishing to undergo this sort of treatment.

Athina Antonia

I want to thank all the doctors and admin staff for all their support that they have given my whilst I have been on my weight loss journey. The admin staff are lovely and friendly. They show a high level of professionalism. Patricia the bariatric nurse is very knowledgeable and very caring. I highly recommend this clinic for weight loss surgery. Thank you for changing my life! Xx 🙂

Melissa Ford

I have been a patient of SIOS on and off since June 2007. I have had two surgeries through SIOS, 2007 and recently July 2019 and cannot recommend them highly enough. The pre / post op care is second to none and is ongoing with 24 hour emergency care if needed. Patients are placed on a programme and you are not left to your own devices after surgery. Staff are extremely professional and friendly, nothing is a problem. I travel more than an hour each time I attend SIOS because I want the best. So if you are seeking weight loss surgery with outstanding post op care give them a call.

Angie jones

I would like to compliment the great receptionist on this morning, it made the appointment seamless and smooth. They really do care about the journey I’m on with weight loss, I would recommend anyone to go to this clinic for weight loss, they have it all under one roof, one stop shopping, which is great that they have dietitian, nurse and doctors on hand.

Keri McDonald

I cannot rate SIOS highly enough! From the knowledgeable and professional receptionists, especially Vanessa, to the fantastic, caring, brilliant nurse Patricia who is contactable 24/7 for any questions, help or advice following surgery. There’s a psychologist, and Eva the dietitian is wonderful, and always able to offer suggestions and ideas about food!
The Doctors are awesome! Especially Dr Budge, who has effectively saved my husband’s life! I cannot thank Dr Budge & the entire team at SIOS enough!
In less than 12 months after surgery, my husband had lost 65kgs!!!!!
If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, give SIOS a call!!!!!

My weight loss journey

My name is Chris, I am 59 years old and I would like to share some information regarding my experience with weight loss. Whilst I always carried extra kilos from my teenage years onwards, I reached my heaviest weight in 2009 and decided to take action. My weight was 186 kilos and I only stand 169 cm’s short.


I went along to an information night at SIOS and made my mind up there and then to undergo surgery. I had the band implanted and I dropped to 145 kilos over a few years and maintained that weight. Then at the age of 54 (2014) I had 2 heart attacks in 6 days. Over the next 18 months my weight crept up to 165 kilos.


I researched the possibilities of further surgery and decided that the by-pass would be the most beneficial to me. I had the band removed in June 2016 and the by-pass done in October the same year. I have not looked back.


Initially the weight loss was rapid and after approximately 6 months it evened out but I was still losing 4-5 kilos a month. My weight plateau was around March, 2018 and I weighed 82 kilos. I am glad to say that I still weigh 82 kilos and I wrote this in May 2019.


Prior to the by-pass surgery I was diabetic with extremely high blood pressure, my rested pulse ran between 115 and 120 and my testosterone levels were non existent. The last time I saw my endocrinologist (March 2019) she informed me that my diabetes is in remission.


My rested pulse now sits around 70 and my testosterone levels are back to normal. My consultations with my specialist were every 3 months initially, now they say that they only need to see me once a year. I could not have hoped for a better outcome.


I opted for the by-pass mainly due to the fact that should you experience complications the surgery was reversible. I would not say it was easy but you can re-educate yourself to healthier eating habits. This does not necessarily mean that you need to give up all the treats or flavours but rather control how much you eat. By this I mean satisfy your taste buds with a couple of morsels of the foods you feel like rather than a couple of plates full.


I found the team at SIOS extremely helpful in every aspect of my weight loss journey and cannot praise them highly enough, right through from the GP’s, Surgeons and the practice nurses and of course the dieticians.


Follow their recommendations follow up with SIOS regarding your blood results and use the tool that they give you to its fullest potential. I learned very soon after surgery what foods I could not tolerate (and there will be some, however, not the same for everyone) and excluded them from my diet.


There is so much more I could share, too much to put in this forum but should anybody wish to contact me via SIOS I have instructed them that they have my permission to pass on my email address. I look forward to the opportunity of helping anyone else considering undergoing weight loss surgery or anyone who has recently done so and would like somebody to communicate with.


Good luck.

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