Your better health journey program – you are not alone.

What will my weight loss journey be like?  This is the question all our patients ask.

Weight loss surgery is a decision to live life, to take back control of your health and wellbeing.

Weight loss surgery isn’t a quick fix, it requires a lifelong commitment to improving your health. Your better health journey program is filled with care, empathy and non-judgement from our team of allied health professionals.  For over 16 years, we have been there for all our patients.  We will be there for you, every step, through all your ups and the downs.



This is your opportunity to meet us and we find out about you – your surgeon will listen to your story, your health and medical history, and how you are feeling about yourself and life in general.  We will go through your current health condition and suitable surgery options.  We will clearly outline what to expect from each surgery, what it is going to feel like and each surgery pros and cons that may be applicable to you.



Your operation involves not only the actual day of your weight loss surgery but also your recovery period and post-operative care.  These are all important.  We want you up and about, feeling well and healthy to kick start your exciting journey to better health.  Weight loss surgery from our expert and experienced surgeons followed by a complete recovery program will ensure you stay strong, healthy and focused.



Before your surgery, you will meet our team of clinical doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, psychologists and support persons.  This is your allied health team who will be with you every step of the way – helping you make lifestyle and nutrition changes prior to surgery, as well as planning your surgery, helping you heal and recover from the operation and ensuring you stay safe and healthy.

We want only the best for you, boosting your health and wellbeing after your weight loss surgery.



As with most major surgeries, weight loss surgery requires a significant adjustment to your life and lifestyle.  Your surgeon, dietician and nutritionist will ensure your health is top priority – as you adjust to your new digestive system functions and begin eating nutritious food to stay healthy.  Our counsellors and coaches will help you make the lasting life and behaviour changes you need to help you lose the weight, keep it off, all with good physical and mental wellbeing.

Your journey to better health program – we’re in this together!

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